4 tips to keep your lawn healthy in the heat

You work hard all year keeping your lawn neatly manicured and beautifully maintained, but when the heat of the summer arrives, your grass turns brown and your lawn becomes a dust bowl. Don’t despair! There are things you can do to keep your lawn healthy in the heat. This month’s blog provides you with 4 easy tips to keep your lawn green this summer. 

Know your turf 

There are several different types of grass that are commonly used in Australian lawns, and each one has different characteristics. Buffalo is a hardy choice that grows well in most climates. It’s durable, easy to maintain, and weed-resistant. It’s also shade-tolerant so is a great choice for most gardens. Couch grass is another low-maintenance hard-wearing variety. It thrives in the sun so it’s less suitable for shady areas, and although it is heat tolerant it can become thirsty in the summer. Kikuyu is a great choice for both hot and wet conditions, as it can cope with both. It’s also self-repairing and isn’t prone to diseases or pests. If you choose the appropriate grass for your region from the start, it will be much easier to keep your lawn green all year.

Water your lawn 

Watering your grass is important, but there’s more to it than watering more often when the weather warms up. The best way to make sure your lawn can stand the heat is by watering deeply once a week, encouraging deep and healthy root growth. Grass that is watered too often develops a shallow, superficial root system, and when water becomes scarce, it struggles to survive. The time of day is also important when it comes to watering. The best time is early morning because the cooler temperatures minimize evaporation. The morning sun also allows the lawn to photosynthesize straight away, making it stronger and healthier. If you follow these rules all year round, when summer arrives your grass is already stronger and better equipped to survive. 

Mow High 

Mowing is a vital part of lawn care, but the wrong mowing habits can turn your grass brown or even kill it completely. If you want to keep your lawn green all year, make sure you don’t cut your grass too short in the summer. Again the ideal length will depend on the variety. For couch grasses, you should mow to about 3cm high during summer. For buffalo and kikuyu lawns, 5cm is perfect. Keeping your grass at the ideal length will allow your lawn to remain healthy and will also provide more shade for the delicate root system. 

Fertilize your lawn 

Fertilizing your lawn regularly will give all the necessary nutrients to keep it green all year round. A well-fed lawn is a strong and healthy lawn! Most experts recommend feeding your lawn every six to eight weeks. However, sometimes this can cause the grass to grow too high, too fast. To minimize this, you should choose a lawn fertilizer with lower nitrogen content. 

While brown grass is not a problem in itself, follow these steps if you prefer the look of a lush green lawn year-round. 

If your grass has seen better days, or you want to give your lawn a new lease of life, we can help! For all things turf-related contact the experts at GoTurf today! 



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