5 Things you can do at home this weekend to transform your yard and outdoor space

While we are all isolating at home during the week or even just on weekends, it’s important to make the most of the situation we are currently experiencing. Whether you are working at home, caring for your children and loved ones, or just relaxing and brushing up on your cooking skills; there is no better time to get outside, enjoy the sunshine and improve your backyard. We wanted to offer some inspiration for those of you with the time so that you can enjoy the fresh air this weekend, get that essential vitamin D, be productive in your yard and support the local business community while you’re at it. 


Fix up your Garden

Weeding, re-mulching, trimming; these are all small tasks that make an immediate and fantastic change to your yard. Have some gaps in your garden? Look at getting some new plants delivered from a local nursery, or splitting and transplanting some of your current plants if you are a confident green thumb! Perhaps this weekend you could finally start that herb garden, whether within your garden or in a separate container; there’s no better time to start! Black beetles are a common nuisance in Autumn, so keep an eye out and treat your yard for these while you can with these tips.  


Give your patio furniture a makeover

Whether it’s giving your existing furniture a thorough clean or purchasing a stylish new setting, it can make a huge impact on the look and feel of your outdoor area. It doesn’t take long, just a few hours on the weekend, and you will reap the rewards. There are a lot of businesses on the Sunshine Coast offering one-on-one shopping appointments either in person or via video call, including our favourites Daydream Leisure Furniture, Raw Sunshine Coast, or Hello Trader


Set up your outdoor cinema

Have kids? Then this is a fantastic project to do together this weekend. Not only do you have the benefit of creating the space together, you then get to enjoy a movie or your choice under the stars! A decent quality projector is super affordable and will truly bring joy (and sanity while in isolation). Here’s our little guide to setting up a cinema in your backyard. Oh, and don’t forget this cute table to hold your popcorn (and wine!) 


Set up or refresh Your BBQ Area

I don’t know about you guys, but nothing makes me appreciate my backyard more than a good old weekend BBQ – and a good setup makes for a seamless grilling session! So what does your outdoor area need? A bench for your grill? The grill itself? Or maybe a nice seating area to sit back and relax while your masterpiece is underway! Pumicestone Meats offer local, premium sprout-fed beef AND free delivery to the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane. Even better, they deliver it to you packaged in meal-size portions so you can place it straight into your fridge, freezer, or onto the BBQ without any hassle. Perfect! 


Turf or Re-turf your lawn!

We have saved the best until last, because we truly believe turfing your lawn with high-quality, locally grown turf is the biggest game-changer for your yard; making it the ultimate usable space for your family for years to come. We are generational turf farmers and the largest supplier of turf on the Sunshine Coast; so we understand exactly what your lawn needs depending on your soil, amount of shade, and family needs. A lawn of lush, green turf has a multitude of health benefits, is the foundation of your children’s backyard enjoyment (everybody loves a game of backyard cricket), as well as attracting and benefiting the local wildlife, air quality and much more! 

We offer a completely touch-less harvest and delivery service for our wide range of turf. Call our team today on 1300 781 175, or enquire online and let us help you measure and choose a grass that’s best suited to your yard, and we will deliver it in time for your yard transformation!



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