5 Tips to Establish Your New Lawn

You’ve just had new turf laid and your yard looks great but the hard work isn’t over just yet! The next few weeks are essential to establishing your new lawn. We understand that lawn care isn’t always easy! So we’ve put together 5 turf tips to ensure that your new lawn has the best chance at establishing.

  1. Prepare your soil

Ensuring your new turf has great soil to grow in is the first step to a healthy and thriving lawn. Before your new turf is delivered, you’ll need to complete any gardening that’s required, clear the ground of debris, conduct a soil pH test, ensure there’s plenty of drainage and add any extra nutrients to your lawn like fertiliser.


  1. Have a watering schedule

Developing a watering schedule for your new turf is essential to establishing your new lawn. At GoTurf, we’d recommend the following schedule:

  • First 2 days: Flood your turf with enough water that you can’t walk on it and keep it that wet.
  • First week: Water your lawn every day.
  • Second week: Water your turf every second day.
  • Third week: Water every third day until drenched.
  • Fourth week: Your lawn should be established (check this by gently lifting a corner of your turf slabs). Once established, you can stop watering as regularly.


  1. Avoid mowing

Mowing your lawn before it establishes can be detrimental to its growth. We’d recommend waiting to mow your lawn until it has fully established. Once your lawn has developed strong roots ensure that your mower blades are sharp and never take off more than a third of the leaf. This mowing method will ensure your lawn remains thick and healthy!

Extra tip: Keep your lawn longer during the Summer to support water retention and ensure your grass stays lush!


  1. Fertilise your lawn

Feeding your lawn extra nutrients is a great way to ensure that it establishes strong roots. So give your lawn a little extra TLC and watch it flourish! We’d recommend applying a soil-conditioning fertiliser before laying your turf and then again after 4-6 weeks, to give your grass the boost it needs to grow!

  1. Minimise lawn traffic

An increase of lawn traffic can negatively affect your turf’s ability to establish. To ensure your lawn has enough time to develop a strong root system minimising traffic on your turf is essential. We’d recommend minimising the use of your new lawn for at least 4 weeks (if possible) to allow plenty of time for your grass to establish.

Installing and caring for your new turf isn’t always an easy process! Here at GoTurf we don’t just grow and supply the best turf in Queensland we also deliver and lay your new turf for you – so you can relax and let us do the hard work.

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