The Sunshine Coast’s largest independent turf supplier

family owned and OPERATED

Go Turf is part of A&S Turf Pty Ltd, owned and operated by Anthony and Sonia Heilig along with their sons Matt and Nathan and daughter Jo and a small, dedicated team of employees. With 4 generations of farming in the Glasshouse Mountains area you can be sure of a product second to none.

Conveniently situated between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast with over 80 hectares of turf, we only sell our own product.  With 3 automated harvesting machines we have the ability to offer superior efficiency and certain continuity of supply.

Go Turf is the largest independent turf producer on the Sunshine Coast. Supplying developers, builders, landscapers, home owners and other turf producers.

Go turf offers ongoing support and advise and strive to make your turf purchase easy and trouble free whether your order is 1 square meter of grass or 20 000 sqms.

Meet Our Staff

Go Turf Facts:

  • We are a 4th Generation farming family in the Glass House Mountains
  • The Go Turf farm covers 486 hectares, where we grow 800,000 square metres of turf each year
  • More than half of the turf farm, operates off solar power energy
  • We have 3 automatic harvesters, that run 800-1000 hours each, per year
  • On site we have the storage capacity for 600 mega litres of water


Read our story

  • 1962 – Grandad Jack purchased first farm at Glasshouse Mountains and moved with family from the Darling Downs
  • 1968 – Purchased second farm at Glasshouse Mountains
  • 1982 – Jeff and Liz purchased home farm
  • 1983 – leased farms in the area for growing cucumbers, beans, sweet corn, zucchini and pumpkins
  • 1990 – started growing sugar cane
  • 1991 – continued growing zucchini
  • 2002 – planted first crop of turf
  • 2003 – sugar mill closed
  • 2003 – started wholesaling turf to other farmers
  • 2006 – bought first automatic harvester
  • 2008 – bought second automatic harvester
  • 2011 – started retailing turf
  • 2014 – last crop of zucchini planted
  • 2015 – Anthony became President of Turf Queensland
  • 2015 – Anthony and Sonia purchased farm from Jeff and Liz
  • 2016 – Anthony became Vice President of Turf Australia
  • 2016 – bought 3rd Harvester
  • 2017 – largest independent turf farm on Sunshine Coast.
  • 2018 – new Zamigo Gear Master Mower & Trebro Roll Harvester
  • 2018 – new Goweil pallet wrapper
  • 2019 – Go Turf sponsors Sunshine Coast Falcons Rugby

I appreciated the little things that made for a pleasant purchase and whilst turf isn't something I find people asking me about often,
I will be sure to recommend everyone to you.


The guys you sent round were awesome and were exceptionally helpful and approachable.
Just wanted to let you know how great they were for me today.


I am completely satisfied with the end result, and could confidently recommend Go Turf to anyone wanting a turf job. Do you think my wife likes
the finished job, she absolutely loves it.

Fred, QLD

The turf looked absolutely magnificent (lush green) as we laid it and within a week it was difficult to see where the joins were.
We are really, really happy with the result. Thanks GoTurf for the great advice, great service, great price, great product
and for actually doing what you promised!!!


WOW just WOW. The customer service / communication from start to the very end was above the rest.
I would highly recommend these guys to anyone wanting top quality turf for a super awesome price.
Thank you to the whole team at GoTurf.




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