Autumn lawn care: How to Prepare your lawn for Winter

During the warmer months it can be a hassle working outside in the heat, so April is a great (and cooler) time to start your Autumn lawn care to ensure it’s as healthy as possible throughout Winter and well into Spring!


Your grass needs sunlight


When it starts to get cooler during the Autumn and Winter months it’s a good idea to remove all leaves and lawn clippings from your yard. Removing this debris means that your grass will get more of the sunlight and air it needs to thrive. Trees should also be trimmed back to make sure your grass is receiving as much sunlight as possible.


Mow higher & less frequently 


During the cooler months, grass grows much slower which means your lawn should be mowed less frequently. If you do reach the point where your lawn needs to be mowed, the height of your mower should be raised (greater than 2.5cm) to avoid damaging your grass and potentially creating brown spots.    


Aerate your lawn


Traffic across your lawn and high temperatures can increase the risk of soil compaction. This compaction often prevents lawn roots from receiving proper nutrients. However, aerating your soil either manually or by professionals will drive oxygen, water and fertiliser down to the roots, encouraging your grass to grow.


Fertilise your lawn


As previously mentioned, grass grows slower in the cooler months. However, this does not mean it needs less nutrients. Your grass will still need to be fertilised to ensure that it remains lush and thriving. If you’re looking for a great fertiliser for your lawn, we recommend our Autumn Blend Lawn Fertiliser, this blend will support, strengthen and feed your turf and soil for up to 3 months.


Lay new turf


If your yard needs a lot more than a little TLC, Autumn is a great time to start thinking about laying new turf. It’s not too hot and still provides plenty of sunshine that your new lawn will need to thrive!


If you want your yard to flourish throughout Winter and in Spring, we’d suggest getting out and working this Autumn!


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