Autumn: Tips to set your lawn up for a great year (part two)

With summer behind us, and Autumn well and truly here, it’s the best time of year to rejuvenate your lawn before winter comes knocking! Below are our final 5 Autumn lawn care tips to restore your turf and give it the best possible start while heading into the colder months. Want the rest of the tips? Check out part one of the series here for the rest!

Give your lawn a boost with fertiliser

In Autumn, it’s likely your soil will still be warm from the summer, keeping your grass in an active growth period. Because your grass is still growing, Autumn is the perfect time to fertilise with a nutrient-rich formula to encourage strong root growth (here’s why that is SO important, for a luscious green colour and a healthy boost throughout the cold winter months

If you’re looking for the perfect fertiliser for your lawn this Autumn, we have just the one. Our Autumn Blend Lawn Fertiliser gives lawns the support they need going into the cooler months, feeding and strengthening your turf and soil for up to 3 months. We developed and continue to use this blend on our turf farm, and it is the perfect addition to your lawn care routine.

You can shop our range of farm-developed fertilisers here on our website.

Water your lawn (only when it needs it)

Autumn can be deceivingly warm and dry, so although you’ll be watering less frequently than summer, you still need to keep an eye on the yard. Once you notice your lawn is wilting and losing its colour, it’s time to give it another soak.

As always, watering early in the morning is best, not only does your lawn have more time to soak in the water and strengthen its roots, but it has all day to dry out which reduces the chances of fungal problems arising.

We speak a lot more on the importance of a deep root system and how your watering frequency affects it here

Address and repair any bare patches on your lawn

It’s no surprise that summer can wreak havoc on your lawn. Between family Christmas, excess kids, pets, heat and more; your lawn can look worse for wear. Post the festive period, Autumn is a great time to address any issues, patch up holes in your turf, repair bare patches and just give it a general once over. If you lay any turf patches to fill in holes, make sure you avoid walking on it and give it plenty of water until it can establish itself.

Let the sun shine on your lawn

With Autumn comes shorter days, overgrown trees and fallen leaves, all of which can reduce the amount of sunshine your lawn receives. To increase the chance of photosynthesis taking place on your lawn, be sure to rake up leaves, prune trees back and clear out branches that block a lot of light to your yard.

Lay new turf

Autumn is the best time to lay new turf. It’s warm enough to still actively grow, but not too hot. Laying turf in Autumn also means it has the entire winter season to establish and settle so that come spring it’s ready for action! 

So, this Autumn, make sure you get outside and give your lawn some needed, after-summer, TLC and reap the rewards all year long! 

Contact our team today for a free turf quote, or use our online turf calculator to see how much you need, no matter the shape of your yard!



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