Common Winter Weeds and how to remove them

Winter weeds

A variety of Winter weeds begin to germinate in the cooler months, this can undo all the hard work that you put into your lawn throughout the warmer months. We’d recommend getting outside this season and treating your lawn to a little bit of TLC by ridding it of weeds. Not sure where to start? We’ve put together a guide for the most common winter weeds and how you can remove them.

Winter Grass

Winter Grass (Poa Annua) is a common Winter weed identified by its soft, drooping green leaves. This week is a low-growing turf grass that grows in tufts with triangular seeds. This common weed is notorious for growing and spreading throughout Winter. Winter grass spreads by dropping its seeds into soil and waiting for the next Winter to make a comeback.

This weed doesn’t have deep roots and grows in clusters making it simple to remove from your turf. Utilising a combination of a pre-emergent combined with a selective Winter Grass Killer should remove of your Winter Grass problem. 


Binidiis are quite possibly the worst Winter weed! These weeds are a low growing active weed that has a flower at its centre. At maturity, these weeds produce a prickly seed pod that can cause pain when you stand on them with your bare feet!

Bindiis can be removed by hand (remember to wear gloves to avoid the prickles) otherwise, another great option is applying a selective broadleaf herbicide. This will help eliminate those pesky weeks through all weed types (you may need to do the application twice).

Broadleaf weeds and clover

Broadleaf winter weeds are the most noticeable Winter weeds due to their size. A lush lawn with dense coverage should help prevent these weeds from sprouting. However, turf is generally less active during the Winter so it’s common for these weeds to make an appearance during this time. 

We’d recommend utilising an All Purpose Weed Control to rid these weeds from your lawn. All Purpose Weed Control, is a ready to use herbicide agent developed for home lawns and can control a variety of common lawn weeds. 

Creeping Oxalis

This weed is characterised by its small, light green leaves that are shaped like a heart. It’s similar in appearance to a clover and produce small, bright yellow flowers. Creeping Oxalis, is a weed that spreads quickly along the surface of soil producing roots from its leaves. When its seeds mature, they burst causing them to cover your lawn. 

You can help treat this winter weed by using a selective herbicide. This type of weed treatment will remove the spreading on all lawn types.

Now that you know how to identify and remove these Winter weeds it’s time for you to get outside and tackle your weed problem this season!

If you’d like more Winter lawn tips, follow the link to read our blog to ensure your lawn thrives this season. If you’re in the market for new turf, then look no further. Here at GoTurf we provide a wide range of lawn varieties to suit all your turf needs. Contact our team for a quote today!



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