Fertilising your lawn: 4 tips for a well-fed lawn

Here at Go Turf, we know what your grass needs. Now spring has well and truly sprung, soon your lawn will be growing like crazy! Make sure it has the nutrients it needs to look its best throughout the warmer months by following our 4 fertilising tips!

  • Fertilise when the seasons change

The changing seasons create different demands on your lawn. During Spring your lawn wakes up and starts growing again, with summer being the period of most rapid growth. Autumn gives your lawn a chance to recover from the summer heat, and growth slows right down over winter. Keep your lawn looking its best all year round by fertilising 4 times a year.

  • Get your soil fertiliser-ready

One of the most important steps to prepare your lawn for fertiliser is adequate watering. Be sure you give your lawn long, deep water rather than frequent shallow sprinklings. If the water isn’t soaking in and is pooling or running off, the soil may be compacted. Try aerating the soil and applying a wetting agent to ensure the water gets to where it’s needed.

  • Choose the right fertiliser

Lawn fertilisers consist of three key nutrients – nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium – blended to give your lawn exactly what it needs. Nitrogen for greenness, phosphorus for healthy root growth, and potassium for resilience.


Before you fertilize, test the pH of your soil to make sure it’s within the ideal range of 6 and 7.5. This will turbo-charge the absorption of the fertiliser’s nutrients!


There are several types of fertiliser to choose from, so you can find the perfect fit for your lawn’s needs and your gardening style!

  • Granular – these fertilisers are easy to spread and will continue to deliver nutrients over time. Use a spreader for even coverage, and water it in well.

  • Liquid-liquid fertilisers are perfect for lawns in need of extra moisture. They deliver an instant boost and are safe to use straight after mowing.

  • Slow-release – this “set-and-forget” option is perfect for gardeners who don’t want to be tied to a frequent fertilizing schedule!

  • Weed and feed – a great multi-tasking product that tackles weeds and adds nutrients in one easy step.

  • Mow with care

The rapid growth of spring means more frequent mowing, but it must be done right to keep your lawn healthy. Avoid mowing for the first few weeks after fertilizing, and adjust your mower to mow at a higher cut. Remove no more than one-third of the leaf length to keep your lawn in top condition.


With a good dose of nutrients from the right fertiliser this spring, your lawn will look its best in no time and will be ready to take on the summer heat!


If your lawn is past the point of rescue, get a fresh start this spring with brand new turf! Contact the lawn professionals at GoTurf for a quote today!




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