How to make the most of your backyard in Winter


With Winter just around the corner it’s only natural for us to want to confide in the warmth and coziness in our homes.  This often means that we stop taking advantage of the beautiful backyards that we’ve spent all Summer maintaining! Here at GoTurf, we believe that you should make the most of alfresco living all year round so here are our Winter tips for revamping and maintaining your outdoor areas. 

Invest in a fire pit

Create an outdoor space that is toasty and inviting with a fire pit. Fire pits make a great centrepiece and are sure to keep you and your guests warm throughout the chilly season. From lightweight metal dishes to secured stone-work wells, there’s a vast array of fire pits that can personalise your outdoor decor to not only keep you warm but encourage conversation and roast marshmallows with your friends.

Revamp your outdoor living space 

A simple and effective way to revamp your outdoor living space is to add accessories! Adding accessories to any outdoor area is an inexpensive way to create a stylish space for your backyard in Winter. As the cool weather sets in, we’d suggest investing in large cushions and a cozy throw blanket to keep you warm and comfy when you want to spend time outdoors. If you love to entertain, external blinds are a must have! This feature enhances your living space by protecting you from the cool wind and rain during Winter. 

Add some colour

A great way to create an appealing backyard space in the Winter months is to add some colour! Flowers are a great addition to any outdoor area, so we’d recommend getting your hands dirty and planting a few species that will enhance your space. There are a few varieties that bloom during the Winter including: Lavender and Pansies. So get gardening and create a colourful outdoor oasis this Winter. 

Keep your lawn in shape

During the Winter humidity and rainfall can result in lawn diseases such as Winter fusarium, brown patches or fungal diseases like Anthracnose. To protect your lawn this Winter, it’ll need special care! There are a few ways that you can care for your lawn this Winter including: 

  • Mowing regularly to maintain a build up of thatch
  • Minimising the number of times you water your lawn 
  • Using a soil wetting agent to promote soil penetration 
  • Using a specialised fungicide to control common fungal diseases 
  • Feeding your grass with fertiliser to keep it lush and thriving

If your lawn needs a little more than TLC this Winter, we’d recommend laying new turf! Here at GoTurf we offer a variety of lawn to suit any backyard. Head to our website today and find out how we can help!



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