Landscaping tips to increase the value of your property

Increase property value

There has never been a better time to start your home’s landscaping. Improving or adding landscaping can drastically benefit your home’s exterior and can significantly increase property value. Here are our tips on how to increase your property value through landscaping.

Here are 4 tips on how to increase property value through landscaping:


Deciding on the best plants for your garden ultimately comes down to your location. Most plants have very strong preferences to shade or sun so you’ll need to understand how to keep your plants happy and healthy by ensuring your landscaping area meets their specific needs. Large or small, the right plants in the right area can increase property value and last for years with minimal upkeep. 

Mulch and Weeding

Don’t underestimate the importance of using mulch in your gardens, most plants thrive with the benefits mulch presents. Using mulch can retain moisture in the earth and is brilliant for dry areas in Australia that receive minimal rain year round. Mulch can also make your garden healthier and more resistant to pests and disease while providing a slow release of nutrients, preventing vitamin loss in plants. 

Weeds can be a nonstop hassle if not dealt with thoroughly, and can make landscaping look messy and unfinished, stalling the increase of your property value. Most weeds are self seeding, meaning they will move from area to area, regardless of how new or fresh the soil is. The trick to wedding is to pull from the bottom and extract the root from the earth to prevent it from self seeding in a larger area. If time is an issue, there are many fast acting weeding solutions available, however some solutions can badly affect the health of some plants if used incorrectly.  

Add Colour and Form

Good landscaping is based on the shape, size and variety of plants used. By shaping your landscaping area to wrap around a tree, fence line or house, you are creating form and flow, which is pleasing for the viewer making your home more interesting and increasing property value. 

Selecting colourful plants such as Australian natives or flowers, can improve landscaping by offering variety that is aesthetically pleasing. Cool colours tend to recede, meaning they seem farther away while bright colours advance, meaning they seem closer. This indicates that if the purpose of landscaping is to fill empty space, brightly coloured plants will have a stronger impact in larger areas and vise versa.    

Lay New Turf

One of the most effective ways to increase property value through landscaping, is to lay new turf. Lush, healthy turf in a newly landscaped area, creates a sense for completion and can significantly improve the overall final look. However, choosing the right style and kind of turf for your area can be difficult. GoTurf, are the Sunshine Coast’s largest independent turf supplier and industry experts. 

Contact our friendly team today for help on the amount and variety of turf you’ll need to make your newly landscaped property look amazing!



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