Lawn games to get the kids outside this summer

Now that summer is here and it’s almost Christmas time, it’s no secret that prying the kids away from screens to get some time outdoors can be tough. Lawn games are a great way to get the kids outside to have some fun with the whole family.

 The beauty of these lawn games is that they can be enjoyed by big kids and little kids alike (the big kids can also play them with a beer in hand). So fire up the barbie, grab your favourite beverage and invite the neighbours around – these lawn games are sure to be a hit with all ages.

 Lawn game 1 – Finska

 Based on a traditional Finnish log-tossing lawn game, Finska is played in two teams with up to eight players. Players take turns throwing a log at pins standing vertically on the lawn with a number of points assigned to each pin. The aim of the game is to be the first team to get to fifty points, without going over fifty points. Requiring strategy, hand-eye coordination and mathematical skill, Finska will keep the kids entertained for hours.

 Lawn game 2 – Cornhole

The objective of the game is simple: throw a bean bag filled with corn into a hole. The result is an addictive game that’s perfect for the whole family. Cornhole is played with two boards placed at either end of the lawn. The boards each have a hole in them and teams take turns throwing their bag at the other team’s board. Teams receive three points for getting the bag into the cornhole and one point if the bag hits the board. Simple yet so much fun!

 Lawn game 3 – Croquet

While croquet may conjure up images of lord and ladies eating cucumber sandwiches on the lawn, it’s actually a game that everyone can play! Played by two to six players, a course of six hoops are set up on the lawn. Croquet is played in two teams and players take turns hitting the ball through the hoops. The game’s objective is to be the first team to complete the course. Give croquet a go and get the family outside for a lovely afternoon (cucumber sandwiches are optional).  

 Lawn game 4 – Giant Jenga

 Giant Jenga: just like regular Jenga but bigger, better and made for outdoor fun! Rectangular blocks of wood are set up in a tower formation. You will need a flat surface for this, so find a level object to stack the blocks if you’re playing on the lawn. Each player selects a block to try to remove from the tower. The block that was removed then must be placed on top of the tower without knocking it over. It’s nail-biting fun for the whole family, just make sure you’re not under the blocks when the tower falls!

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