Lawn Issues: Causes and treatments of Dollar Spot


Dollar spot is a common turf disease which affects many turf varieties. As the name ‘dollar spot’  suggests, it’s visible on your lawn as dollar sized spots of dry, discoloured patches. If left untreated, these spots can expand, leaving your lawn dry and unsightly. 

Dollar spot can also be characterised by web-like threading between leaves of grass, especially on colder winter mornings. Although this treading, which is actually called mycelium, a type of fungal pathogen, disappears as the day warms up, they will still have negative impacts on your lawn if not treated effectively. 


When does Dollar Spot occur?

The main cause of dollar spots is excessive moisture on warm days, which creates the humid environment for the fungus to develop in. Situations such as a build up of thatch on your lawn, poor drainage, and excessive watering can all lead to lawn issues, pests and fungus. 


Dollar Spot Treatment

The best treatment for Dollar Spot is quite simple; taking care of your lawn. By following a few good lawn care guidelines, you will reduce the chance of dollar spots, as well as other common lawn issues. 

Fertilise your lawn each season

By regularly fertilising your lawn throughout the year, you will prevent nitrogen deficiency and keep your turf leaves, roots and soil in a healthy, strong condition.

Keep on top of your mowing

Regularly mowing your lawn will prevent thatch build up, which assists in creating the humid environment lawn fungus and disease thrives in. 

Improve your lawn watering 

Watering your lawn in the early morning or late afternoon let’s your lawn and soil absorb more moisture before getting dried out by the sun. Giving your lawn a deep soak less often is far more valuable for your turf’s health than frequent short waterings. Here’s our blog on properly watering your lawn. 

Generally, the use of fungicides to treat dollar spots is unnecessary unless the problem is unwavering despite your lawn care improvements. By simply keeping your lawn healthy and happy, you should avoid having lawn issues, such as dollar spots, from wreaking havoc on your beautiful, green lawn. 


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