Lawn Tips: 5 Tips For Choosing The Right Turf


One of the most effective ways to increase your property value and add to the overall aesthetic of your landscaping, is to lay new lawn. Lush, healthy turf in a newly landscaped area, creates a sense for completion and can significantly improve the overall final look. However, choosing the right kind of turf for your property can be difficult. So what should you consider when choosing turf? 

1. Location


In Queensland, we enjoy warmer climates and sunshine throughout the year so it makes sense to choose a grass that thrives in this type of environment. We’d recommend a lawn that is summer and drought tolerant (if you live in the harsher Queensland climate). 

Does your lawn get a lot of sunshine throughout the day or is a majority of your yard in the shade? The amount of sun that your lawn gets is also an important factor when choosing a turf that’s perfect for your property. 

If your lawn tends to be in a more shaded area, we’d recommend the Sir Walter Buffalo. This type of turf has a high shade tolerance and thrives in both the shade and Sunshine. If your turf spends most of the time in the sun, we’d recommend the Palmetto Buffalo or the Wintergreen Couch turf.

2. Lawn Maintenance


The type of turf you purchase will influence how much time you spend maintaining your new lawn. Some turf types thrive on their own with very little maintenance while others need a little more TLC to stay healthy. 

If you don’t have a lot of time or the energy for lawn maintenance we’d recommend grass varieties like Nara Native Zoysia or Palmetto Buffalo turf. These grasses are low maintenance and require less watering and mowing which means you won’t need to put in as much effort to keep your lawn looking healthy! 

3. Lawn Budget 


The cost of turf varies across the grass type you choose, the amount of turf you need and if you’d like the turf delivered and installed! 

If you’re looking for a great turf type but you’re on a budget, we’d recommend our Wintergreen couch turf This grass is perfect if you’re looking for a durable yet soft lawn at an economical price! 

Calculating the amount of turf that you need can be difficult, especially when it’s an odd shaped area. Here at GoTurf, we’ve made this part of the process easy with our turf calculator! You’ll be able to divide odd shaped areas into rectangles and use our calculator to see how much turf you’ll need for each section.

If you’d like to have your turf delivered and installed by professionals, contact the team at GoTurf for a quote. If you’re on a budget and would like to install your turf by yourself, we have some great tips!

4. Look & Feel


It’s all about the type of look and feel you want your turf to achieve! The last tip we have for choosing the right turf is pick one based on the appearance, colour and texture that pleases you the most. 

If you’re looking for a lawn that’s lush with soft broad leaves, we’d recommend the Sir Walter Buffalo. If you’d rather a grass with fine texture, we’d recommend the Nara Native Zoysia TurfThe final decision is up to you and what you think would suit your property’s landscaping and your lifestyle the best! 

Have a few more questions about what turf variety would be the best for you and your property? Here at GoTurf, we are the Sunshine Coast’s largest independent turf suppliers and experts in the industry! Contact our team with your turf questions or for a quote today.



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