Lawn Tips: Autumn is the best season to lay new turf


Many people would believe that spring
is the best time to lay new turf because everything is bursting to grow, however,
that’s not quite the case! In our opinion, autumn is the best time to lay new
turf because it’s a season when plants drop their seeds, put all their energy
into growing new roots. Turf thrives off healthy roots, which is one of the few
reasons why autumn is our favourite season for laying new grass. Continue
reading our blog if you’d like to learn more about laying and maintaining turf
in Autumn.

Autumn offers the perfect weather for laying new turf

Autumn is the best time of year to lay
new turf as the air temperature is much cooler, giving you more time to lay
your new lawn once it arrives at your property. Whilst it is crucial that you
lay your new turf upon its arrival to avoid pallet burn and rotting, the summer
and winter seasons are a much harsher time for installation. We recommend keeping
an eye on the weather, as your new lawn will need regular watering for at least
the first week (if it doesn’t rain). Throughout the hotter seasons, however, we
would recommend a much deeper soak, over a few weeks to avoid it from drying

Autumn offers the Ideal soil conditions for laying new turf

During autumn, the temperature of the
soil isn’t too hot or too cold, providing new roots with plenty of
encouragement to dig deep into the soil. It’s always best to add a few inches
of good quality topsoil with organic matter to your ground, prior to laying
your new lawn, as this provides a good substrate for the lawn and encourages
the growth of roots.

You might also need to improve your soil quality to give your lawn the best chance of establishing itself because the deeper and faster the roots can grow, the more drought-resistant your new lawn will be. Plants put a lot of energy into their root systems during the autumn season, so it makes sense to leverage this natural growth and give yourself the best chance of establishing an awesome lawn by spring.

We highly recommend using our Autumn Blend Lawn Fertiliser to support
your turf going into the cooler months. This special blend feeds and strengthens
your lawn for up to 3 months which will result in better lawn health and less
mowing during the autumn and winter months. 

Autumn is the best time to work outdoors

Most of us look forward to working in
the garden during autumn, simply because the weather is comfortable to be in
throughout the day. This is a time where we can help our garden the most to
gather its strength during the winter season, ready for a burst of beautiful
blooms in spring.

The uncomfortable heat during our Queensland summer and crisp temperatures throughout our winter can make installing turf during these seasons difficult. Laying your new turf in autumn is one of our more important tips, as it helps to establish your lawn quickly, creating a lovely lush expanse of grass in the springtime.

perfect season to lay your new lawn is in autumn when all the stars align to
give your turf the very best opportunity to establish itself.  If you need quality turf for your garden, call
us on 1300 781 175 or send us an
email today.



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