Nara™ Native Zoysia Turf – A low maintenance turf for the Sunshine Coast region

Nara™ Zoysia is a low maintenance grass that is naturally very salt tolerant. It is generally a coastal grass but has been proven to work well many hundreds of kilometres inland. This is a naturally low maintenance turf with a beautiful fine texture.

Fast Establishing and Low Maintenance

Nara™ native turf is fast to establish, yet needs little maintenance. Less mowing, edging, fertilising and watering is needed for this tough native turf to stay alive. Nara™ turf will need about 20% less mowing than Buffalo, 35% less than Couch and 55% less than Kikuyu plus, it is faster growing than Empire™ Zoysia. It requires less edging than Buffalo, Couch and Kikuyu, making it less invasive for the garden, although Empire™ Zoysia does require slightly less edging than Nara™ native turf.

Salt Tolerance

Nara™ turf has much more salt tolerance than Empire™ Zoysia, which is known for its excellent salt tolerance in comparison to other grasses. When Nara™ native turf was tested and compared to a selection of common Zoysia macrantha types in breeding, it had salt tolerance at the mid to lower end of the species.

Rarely Gets Diseases or Pests

Nara™ turf rarely gets disease and copes very well with humid and dry climates. In colder areas and in wet winters, like many grasses, it can occasionally develop signs of rust, but this is generally hidden amongst the leaves of a mature lawn.

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