Protect your turf from lawn grubs this summer


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Each spring and summer, you may find your luscious green lawn has been afflicted by unwelcome lawn grubs. These pests can be particularly aggressive on your lawn after heavy rainfall during the warmer months. Fear not though! As long as you act quickly, you can defend your lawn and eradicate these unwelcome visitors. Follow these simple tips to ensure that your lawn is grub-free and ready for the festive season. 

Lawn grub symptoms

When lawn grubs infest your lawn, they attack and damage your turf’s root system. This diminishes your lawn’s ability to absorb moisture and nutrients, leaving it dry, brown, and generally looking a little worse for wear. 

Common signs you have a lawn grub issue

  • Brown patches that continue to spread across your lawn
  • Increased bird activity (grubs are a great snack for them)
  • A “spongy” lawn

Once you have identified these symptoms, there are a few ways you can confirm the presence of lawn grubs in your lawn. Symptoms such as brown patches can also be in indication that water is not reaching the deep roots of your grass, read our blog on how to create a thriving deep root system to find out more.

Lawn Grub Test #1

Take a wet towel or hessian sack and leave it on the lawn overnight. In the morning, lift it up and see if any grubs have come to the surface.

Lawn Grub Test #2

Grab a bucket of soapy water, pour it over the part of the affected area, and wait for about 10 minutes. If grubs have infested the area, you will see them on your lawn. 

So the tests are in and it’s official – you’ve got a grub problem. What next? Here is when immediate action needs to be taken. The faster you deal with these pests, the less damage they will have done to your lawn. 

Preventing and treating lawn grubs

Firstly, the best defense from lawn grubs is prevention. Now is the perfect time to protect your lawn from these pesky grubs. At Go Turf, we recommend Acelepryn GR, which provides safe and effective control of lawn grubs and has minimum impacts on the environment and non-target organisms, such as bees and earthworms. Win-win!

Our two biggest tips for treating lawn grubs are:

  1. Apply the treatment as late in the day as possible (or at night), as this will be when the adults are active.
  2. Re-apply the treatment again after two weeks. This is especially important because eggs can take two to five weeks to hatch. A re-application at this point will ensure that any missed eggs or grubs are eliminated.

Lawn grub infestations can happen to any lawn variety and sometimes occurs several times a season, which is why prevention is key. Acelepryn GR is a fantastic solution that can be spread across your lawn and protect it for up to six months. 

If you want more information on defeating lawn grubs or any other lawn condition, contact our team for expert advice. If you would like a quote for top-notch turf straight from our Beerburrum Farm, call us on 1300 871 175 or request a quote online.



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