Sapphire® Buffalo Turf – Excellent Choice for coastal regions in Queensland

Sapphire®  Soft Leaf Buffalo Grass has performance as good as any other buffalo turf, with the added benefit of fine texture. A Sapphire® Buffalo Lawn grows quickly across the ground, providing quick recovery from wear, has excellent winter colour, and has a deep root system. This soft leaf lawn has a colour that is truly amazing, its deep green colour will make your home lawn “the envy of the street”. Sapphire® Buffalo Grass has a super fine texture. So if you want a buffalo lawn, but don’t like a coarse looking leaf, then a Sapphire® Soft Leaf Buffalo Lawn is for you. Other great performing buffalo lawns have a much coarser looking texture compared to Sapphire® Buffalo. Sapphire® tolerates shade and cold, making it an excellent choice for coastal and inland regions. It is well suited for household lawns and recreational areas.

Australian Owned and Bred

Sapphire® Buffalo was bred in Australia and first grown here. It is an overseas success as it didn’t take long for America to realise how good this grass is. Over a thousand acres are now grown in the US. Sapphire® turf is the only Australian bred Buffalo to make it overseas.

The #1 Buffalo in shade

Sapphire® turf was recently found to be the number one soft leaf Buffalo grass in shade. This has been proven by research data from Horticulture Australia and the Department of Primary Industries Queensland (DPI QLD).

Less Seed – Better for Allergies

Research from the Department of Primary Industries (DPI) Queensland and HAL Richmond, NSW data have shown that Sapphire® turf has 39% less seed than the average of other popular Buffalo types. These statistics are based over a year of observations.

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