From gardening to lawn games, or simply reading a good book in the sun – no matter your activity of choice, spending time in the garden is always a good idea. With the festive season in full swing, many of us have more free time to relax, recharge, and potter around the house. So, instead of spending these sticky summer days cooped up inside, head outdoors and discover the many benefits of spending time in the garden! 

Spending time in the garden can:

1. relieve stress 

There is nothing like spending time in nature to make us pause, exhale, and forget our worries for a brief moment. While your backyard may not exactly be a secluded wilderness adventure, spending time in the garden can offer similar benefits to being in the great outdoors. Studies have shown that as little as 30 minutes spent gardening can increase cortisol, boosting your mood, and reducing your stress level. 

2. be a great workout 

We all know how difficult it can be to fit exercise into our schedules, why not forget the gym and incorporate spending time in the garden into your daily workout? Many tasks that are associated with pottering around the garden actually qualify as moderate to high-intensity work exercise. Grab a shovel and throw on your workout gear, spending time in the garden digging, mowing, harvesting, or raking will keep you fit as a fiddle! 

3. benefit your kids 

There is no doubt that kids are spending too much time glued to screens and not enough time outside. From boosting your child’s mood to being an opportunity to learn about nature, spending time in the garden is great for kids. Activities such as gardening, lawn games, or DIY projects are great ways to get kids away from screens and outside enjoying nature. Need some inspiration to get the kids outside these summer holidays? Check out our blog on the ultimate lawn games that the whole family can enjoy. 

4. make your backyard look incredible! 

Spending time in the garden fixing, maintaining, and upgrading will mean that you get more use out of your backyard since it’s in top condition all year round. Make a habit out of doing activities in your garden that you enjoy, reap the health benefits, and always be ready for a backyard BBQ! For some DIY ideas that will get out in the garden, read our blog on transforming your outdoor spaces this weekend

Spending more time in your garden starts with a lush, green lawn that you want to spend time on! To get your lawn into shape this summer, contact our friendly team on 1300 781 175 or enquire online today. 



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