How to stop your dog ruining your lawn


So, you’ve fertilized, aerated, watered, and weeded then your dog decides to start digging halfway to China, ruining your perfectly manicured lawn in the process. We love them like they are part of the family but there is no doubt that our furry friends can be a menace when it comes to maintaining a luscious lawn. Keeping reading to find out why your dog may be ruining your lawn and how to stop them. 

stop digging up my lawn! 

If your dog is ruining your lawn by digging holes like he’s on the hunt for buried treasure, remember that he’s not doing it to deliberately annoy you. From boredom to trying to escape, your dog could be ruining your lawn for any number of reasons. If your dog is inclined to dig, the first step to fixing the problem is ensuring that all the essentials for your dog’s health and happiness are being provided.

If your dog is ruining your lawn, they might need:


Excessive digging is often a symptom that your dog has too much pent-up energy. Lack of exercise can cause all sorts of behavioural problems in dogs so ensure that your dog is getting plenty of exercise at least once a day.

More chew toys

If your dog is bored, digging a hole may be their primary form of entertainment. To stop your dog from ruining your lawn, make sure that they have an array of toys or bones to keep them occupied while you’re out of the house.

Play and interaction

Just like us humans, dogs can get lonely too. If your fur-baby is an only child (that is, the only dog in the family) your dog may be ruining your lawn because they’re lonely and anxious. Set aside some time in your day to spend time with your dog. Whether you’re teaching your dog tricks or just letting them sit on the couch with you, just providing your dog with some company will do wonders.

Stop your dog ruining your lawn with the right fertiliser 

If you find your dog is ruining your lawn right after you fertilise, it may not be a coincidence. Dogs are drawn to the smell of some varieties of fertiliser, they get excited about the prospect of a treat and starting digging. Avoid using blood and bone-based fertilisers and keep your dog off your lawn for the first few days after your fertilise. Not sure what fertiliser to use on your lawn? Speak to our friendly team today or check out our website

Your dog’s pee may be causing brown patches

So, you have the digging under control but your dog is ruining your lawn by peeing on it. The high concentration of nitrogen found in your dog’s urine causes brown or yellow patches on your lawn. Hosing off the area immediately dilutes the nitrogen, mitigating the nasty effects of your dog’s pee on the lawn. You can also train your dog to do it’s business in a designated area. Just make sure that the brown patches on your lawn aren’t a symptom of lawn disease or turf grubs, to learn more check out our blog.

If your dog has done some serious damage to your lawn, you may need to consider reseeding or re-turfing some patches. For a quote or to speak to our turf experts about how to bring your lawn back to life, contact us through our website today or call 1300 781 175. 



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