• Autumn: Tips to set your lawn up for a great year (part one)

    February 24th, 2020 | by
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    The harsh summer will soon be behind us, and Autumn is the best time of year to rejuvenate your lawn and give it a post-summer/pre-winter boost! Here are our Autumn lawn care tips to restore your turf and give it the best possible start while heading into the cooler months. We’ve got a lot of tips to cover, so we’ve broken it into two blogs, keep an eye out on our blog for part two! 

    Aerate the lawn

    Summer often means heavy foot traffic, harsh sun and summer rain, all of which can lead to tough and compacted soil. Aerating your lawn will help to improve drainage, allow water to penetrate and moisturise the soil, improve draining and allow fertiliser to effectively absorb.

    To aerate the lawn you can use a simple fork to penetrate the soil, aerating boots, or aerating/coring machine. You can read more about the benefits and tips for lawn aeration on this blog.

    Don’t mow as often

    A real positive for a lot of people (not us, we love mowing!) is that in Autumn, your lawn won’t grow as fast, so it doesn’t need mowing as often. On top of this, having a longer leaf on your grass will help it to absorb more sunlight, helping it stay healthy and green during the cooler months.

    Mowing as little as every 3-4 weeks should be sufficient during Autumn and Winter. If your lawn is too short, it will struggle to stay healthy during the cool periods, though too long and weeds can establish which will cause more work for you later; it’s all about balance. 

    Test your lawn’s PH level

    The PH level of your lawn can have a big impact on its quality and how well it copes during the winter months. A quick test (you can find a PH test in any garden supply store) will tell you if your lawn is too acidic. If it is, Lime is a great choice to bring the PH down to a more neutral level, resulting in better growing conditions for your lawn.

     Get rid of pests and weeds

    Autumn is the perfect time to get out in the garden and tackle some pesky tasks, such as weeds and bugs that are ruining your luscious lawn. Get a specific herbicide or weed weed product and treat the area. Here’s a few telltale signs you have pests causing havoc to your lawn: 

    •         Brown spots in the grass
    •         Dead or dying grass patches
    •         Wilting grass blades
    •         Bite marks on grass
    •         Visible insects in the grass layer
    •         Holes in the soil

    Once you identify the pest, you can find the right solution to fix it at your local outdoor store. In late Autumn, you should also spray the lawn for Bindii to ensure you don’t have a yard full of pesky prickles in spring.

    So, get outside and get started in rejuvenating your lawn, and keep an eye on our website and Facebook for the rest of the tips! We are always available for any questions you have, so please don’t hesitate to call on 1300 781 175. We pride ourselves on expert advice for all our wonderful customers! 

    Contact our team today for a free turf quote, or use our online turf calculator to see how much you need, no matter the shape of your yard!




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