The Ultimate Guide to Backyard Cricket


We are the Turf specialists on the Sunshine Coast, so it makes sense that we are also the specialists and authoritative voice when it comes to backyard cricket, right? 

To ensure everyone’s end of year break goes smoothly (no backyard cricket-induced family feuds) we thought we would map out the Go Turf official rules for backyard cricket. 

No longer will the game end abruptly due to a ‘one-hand-one-bounce’ miscommunication, or an ‘over the fence, you’re out’ kerfuffle. 

One of the best things about backyard cricket? It doesn’t require a backyard. You can play in the local park, on the beach; almost anywhere that has some room to move, flat ground and is safe from cars and such. 

So, don’t sit back! Get the bat, ball, wickets and kids ready and read on for the ultimate guide to backyard cricket. 


The Go Turf Official Backyard Cricket Rule Book

What do you need to play backyard cricket? 

Before you start, you need the gear. 

  1. Wickets! This can be anything from chalk on a fence to a wheelie bin or a tree in the park; as long as it can stand on its own and makes a noise or moves once hit. 
  2. A ball! Your ball is preferably a soft rubber cricket ball or even better, a tennis ball as it bounces well on grass and is much easier for younger children to catch and see.  
  3. A bat! Lastly, you need a bat. A cricket bat is best, either a wooden or plastic. In a pinch, however, even a tennis racket or basically anything you can hit a ball with will do (it’s backyard cricket after all, so anything generally goes).

And we wouldn’t be a turf supplier if we didn’t say you need some healthy lawn to play on! There’s nothing worse than hitting the ball and trying to avoid bindis as you score some runs, am I right?! If your lawn isn’t up to scratch, head to our website and get a free quote

Alright, on with the rules! 

  1. Hit & Run. 

Meaning if you hit the ball (even slightly), you need to run. This is a great rule that keeps the game going, and more exciting for the fielders. It also keeps it a little easier to catch out those with a little more skill! 

  1. Second chance. 

Second chances are given when a player (batting) get’s out before they have even made a single run. This is a great rule to keep things fair, especially for those who aren’t strong cricketers. After all, backyard cricket is known for giving everyone a fair go! 

  1. Catcher bats next

This rule is fantastic for those who are rotating batters rather than having teams. The catcher’s-in rule means that whoever catches out the batsmen, is the next to bat. Not only does this stop any arguments about who is batting, it encourages lazy fielders to get involved in the game. 

  1. Tree fielders

Not enough fielders? No problem! To make the game more challenging, the bowler can choose a select number of trees or bushes that can act as fielders. If the ball hits one on the full, it’s considered out. 

  1. One hand, one bounce

Probably invented so that of-age backyard cricketers wouldn’t have to put down their beverage to enjoy a game a Christmas cricket; one-hand-one-bound has become a favourite within casual cricket matches.  Basically, this rule allows someone to catch out a batsman by catching the ball, with one hand, after it has bounced on the ground, or off an object/wall once (only).

Bonus rule:

  1. Six & Out

Six and out means that when a batter hits a ball ‘out of bounds’ being over the fence or onto the roof, into the pool or ocean (or even, unfortunately, through a window), it counts as six runs but are then considered ‘out’. Now this rule isn’t something we enforce at Go Turf, as we have nothing but space to show off our batting prowess, but for those of you in smaller backyards or near water and fences, a great rule to ensure the game continues. It also means those skilled cricketers are limited in their shots and can more easily get out so others can have a crack! 

That’s it! Now obviously you can adjust those rules or add your own as suits, but we recommend you clarify the rules before your game, to ensure no mid-fielding confusion that ruins a game. 

Here at Go Turf, there’s nothing we like better than a friendly, yet competitive, backyard cricket match with friends and family, and we think our turf provides the most luscious pitch (especially if played barefoot!). If you need a backyard revamp, call our friendly team on 1300 871 175 or send us an online enquiry. 




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