The Worst Summer Lawn Problems and How to Fix Them, Stat!


Summer can be a tough time for our Australian lawns. Not only does your yard have to deal with the fierce summer sun, there’s the increased traffic over the busy holiday period, kids, pets, and more. To help you keep your lawn in the best possible shape over the summer months, we’ve outlined some potential (and common) summer lawn problems, and how to fix them. 

Problem #1: Your lawn looks dull and tired

Whether you have a backyard bbq coming up or you want your lawn looking a little more vibrant after a summer of heavy use; a little TLC to bring your lawn back to its best self is never a bad thing. A great way to do this is with microbial fertilisers such as the GoTurf Pro range. This bio-active fertiliser works to put the right bacteria back into depleted soils and promote lush growth in your lawn. 

Problem #2: Your dog is doing his business all over your lawn

Urine contains high levels of nitrogen salts which will burn your grass and leave bare, dry spots in your lawn. To combat this, immediately water the area where your dog has done its business in order to reduce the damage. You can then loosen the soil with a garden fork and add some of that microbial fertiliser mentioned above! If your dog is a repeat offender, you may need to replace patches of grass with an off-cut from somewhere else. We can also provide single squares of turf for collection, contact us to arrange this.

Lawn problem #3: You’ve got grubs

Towards the end of summer and the start of Autumn, grubs can become more active. So, if you notice dried out patches of lawn, or grass that’s lost its root strength, you can bet that grubs are the culprit. The best way to tackle this is by applying a control product to your lawn in early summer to deter grubs. If you still have a grub problem, you can also look into several natural remedies or pesticides. Here’s a video from OzBreed on lawn grub diagnosis and treatment, which is a great starting point for understanding what is ruining your lawn. 

Lawn problem #5: Shady areas which prevent the growth of your lawn

This is a tough one, as grass can’t grow without sunlight. The best way to tackle this issue is to try to allow as much sunlight as possible by thinning or cutting back trees which may be sheltering the lawn. You also need to make sure your lawn is clear of leaves, palms and debris, as this will block light and stunt the growth of your lawn. 

Lawn problem #6: Problem/high traffic areas

This is one of the most common problems lawn-owners face. There are many reasons to have problem areas that don’t grow, or are constantly brown and thinning. They can be caused by high traffic, such as a line to the mailbox or clothesline, or maybe it’s the spot you keep the children’s play set. The remedy? Move things around so the grass can recover. Can you move the play set to the other side of the lawn? Or create a path to the mailbox so people walk a different way? Get creative; your lawn will thank you. 

Lawn pride is a real thing in Australia, and something we take very seriously here at GoTurf. We are lawn lovers, lawn growers, and lawn suppliers for all of South-East Queensland. If you need help improving your existing lawn or laying an entirely new one; we are here to help. 

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