Top 10 Health Benefits of Turf and Green Spaces

health benefits

Have you ever considered the health benefits of just sitting in the garden, walking around a park or hiking through the forest? Green spaces, trees, flowers, turf and the smell of freshly mowed grass, these are all the things that warm our heart and help us to maintain a sense of balance in our busy and stressful lives.

The problem is that deforestation, land clearing and urbanisation not only reduces our access to green spaces, but they can also negatively affect our physical and mental health.

An article published in The Economist in 2018, stated that deforestation and land clearance in Queensland is rampant along the east coast, equal to removing 1000 rugby pitches every day. It goes on to say that Queensland mows down trees twice as fast as Brazil, mainly to provide land for grazing cattle, but we also need to clear land for new housing projects as well. If we keep reducing our green spaces, however, will this affect our health?

Do green spaces really improve our physical and mental health?

A report by the World Health Organisation states that urban green spaces provide a host of physical and mental health benefits. These benefits range from reduced cardiovascular morbidity and mortality to less obesity and type 2 diabetes, better pregnancy outcomes and lower levels of depression.

With the continuing rise of Queensland’s population and as more land is cleared to provide new housing, our green spaces are being slowly eroded, acre by acre. Studies have shown that living in highly urbanised areas can be detrimental to our physical and mental health, and unfortunately, many disadvantaged people are forced to live in densely populated environments that lack green spaces.

This isn’t just a fly-by-night problem – studies all over the world now agree that exposure to the natural environment has many important health benefits. In fact, the University of Wollongong is part of a $3.2 million, five-year project to investigate this matter. In partnership with Hort Innovation, they will examine how outdoor spaces influence our lifestyle choices and our physical and mental health. Outdoor spaces are that important!

How can homeowners improve their outdoor spaces?

The easiest and one of the most affordable solutions to a lack of green space in your suburb is to lay a lawn of good quality turf. This way you can reap the benefits provided by open green spaces at home. Even if you have a large patio and a veggie garden, there’s usually somewhere you can plant a lawn of grass and spend some quality time in your garden.

Walk the dog, take the kids to the park or go hiking along your local trails, all of these activities bring you closer to nature and help to improve your physical and mental health.

The health benefits of green spaces are numerous, but what are the benefits of a healthy grass lawn?

  1. Noise reduction, which is perfect when you live in a noisy environment.
  2. Better air quality, which is ideal when you live close to busy roads or freeways.
  3. Improved health – reduces blood pressure, stress and depression.
  4. Spending time in green spaces leads to fewer problems with child behaviour.
  5. Natural environments lead to greater work productivity.
  6. Turf provides a healthy clean environment that’s ideal for people of all ages.
  7. Grass is the safest surface for outdoor leisure activities, games and sports.
  8. Mowing a lawn gets you outdoors and provides valuable cardiovascular exercise.
  9. The green colour of grass makes us feel closer to nature.
  10. Nature is an essential part of our lives and turf is a vital part of our landscape.

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