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Best kids' garden party ideas that will wow

Best kids' garden party ideas that will wow

So the weather looks like it will be perfect for a kids' garden party, and your little one has agreed to the idea. Perfect, now what?

Garden party ideas are abundant all over the internet, but you want something that is really going to make your child’s party stand out from the 20 or so you have already attended this year. We hear you!

Here are some of the best kids' garden party ideas we have found and tips on preparing your garden and lawn for the arrival of 30 pairs of little hands and feet.

Deep breath- you’ve got this.

Kids' garden party activities

The list below comprises some of the best (and easiest) garden party activities for kids that will add the WOW factor to your child’s birthday party.

kids bubble blowing

A bubble station

Bubbles never go out of fashion. When the bubbles are sufficiently large enough, even the adults will try them out.

Go out and buy a bunch of the little bubble mixes (the ones with the wand attached to the inside of the lid) from the nearby $2 Dollar Shop. Make sure you have enough for every child who comes. You will need an assortment of larger bubble wands too, which are available in many colours.

The next step is to buy a massive jug of bubble mixture. You could use dish soap, but it takes an exact amount of water to make it effective, and most people either use too much or too little. Getting it wrong could ruin the party, so save yourself the hassle with a commercially-made bubble mixture!

Stocking up on large bubble wands and paint roller trays for your bubble solution is a good idea. Let the kids run around, waving their wands and the air will catch the liquid and blow it into giant bubbles.

Don't forget- You can use an automatic bubble machine to create a party atmosphere and add a handmade sign to your chosen bubble table.

Note: Everything above is available at your local toy stores, savings stores, or your local $2 Dollar Shop.

fairy garden

Fairy & elf garden creation

The secret to the best kids' parties is to keep them busy. What better way than to set up a table in the sun with some empty plant pot trays, a bin full of soil, and fun miniature fairy and elf toys in the middle? Add some plant and flower cuttings, maybe some stones or glitter, and you are good to go.

This activity will give partygoers at least 45 minutes of fun-filled entertainment, and your lawn will actually love the spilt soil.

Don’t forget to give each child a spoon for digging, and get your camera ready; the pictures will be awesome!

earth worm dessert

Earthworms dessert

Don’t forget about sweet and delicious garden-themed snacks.

Make a simple chocolate mousse, pour it into transparent cups, and sprinkle grated dark chocolate or crushed biscuits on top. Now place some lolly snakes on top or inside and add a little wooden spoon. Easy peasy!

kids teepee in garden

Teepee chill zone

There is something about teepees that kids love. Creating a chillout area is the perfect way to use a teepee during a kids' garden party, and you can conveniently get them at Kmart. Add some blankets and pillows, perhaps balloons and fairy lights, and your chillout area is ready.

Top Tip: This is a great area to play “Pass the Parcel” games or “Sleeping Lions” when you can’t take any more squealing. You’re welcome!

beer barrow

Garden beer barrow

The kids can’t have all the fun. The Beer Barrow really doesn’t need much of an explanation. You will likely be very popular with the other parents after they discover this special station at the garden party.

Lawn care before and after the party

Now you have your party activities sorted, it is time to focus on the garden.

When having a kids' garden party, you need to consider how you will prepare your gorgeous lawn for the onslaught of tiny visitors.

To speed up recovery time and ensure that family and friends will fully enjoy the garden, we suggest you prepare your lawn to tip-top condition before the event. Depending on how much time you have, there are some reliable products for the job.

Lawn Rescue - fast acting 2-7 days

The comprehensive combination of liquid fertilisers, seaweed extracts, and wetting agents in Lawn Rescue spray is ideal for revitalising established lawns and can provide an essential recovery boost after winter. We highly recommend using this handy product a few days to a week before your party day to give it time to soak in and work its magic. This will ensure your lawn is in tip-top shape, looking its brightest, and will cope with the foot traffic.

All Purpose Weed Control - 1 Month prior

Use this simple weed killer to eliminate unsightly weeds on your turf one month before the big day. A bindii in the knee, foot or hand can bring out the worst in any child, and a sting from a dandelion foraging bee could ruin their day. Avoid holding down a crying child with tweezers and spray some All Purpose Weed Control one month before the party. Your lawn and garden will look manicured, and you’ll avoid some teary drama.

Insect control plan

This is Australia, and as any good Australian knows, one small bite from the wrong insect can end in a visit to the emergency room or, at the very least, make a happy child very unhappy. Let’s not make your child’s birthday memorable for the wrong reasons! If you’re short on time, consider some chemical-free insect control safety measures for the kiddies.

Check out our comprehensive guide for tips and tricks for controlling insects in your garden.

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