600mm x 1200mm (0.72m2) and normally weight 5 -10kg depending on moisture levels and variety.

Slabs range in thickness between 30mm and 50mm

These measurements are including soil and turf.

Once the turf has ‘taken’ (Grown new roots into the soil), usually at around 2-4 weeks, your new lawn is ready to mow.

We recommend approximately 50 to 100mm depending on soil type.

Sir Walter DNA Certified tolerates shade a lot better than couch does; Sir Walter DNA Certified has a wider leaf than couch and with grass, wider the leaf, the more shade tolerant it is.

Yes you do. It is best to remove any weeds, grasses or old lawn at least two weeks before with non selective herbicide. It may require more work and repeat applications. Once it has all died off remove weeds, grasses or old lawn.