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Nurture your fresh lawn the right way – with Go Turf Pro – our new fertiliser range.

As the largest independent turf grower on the Sunshine Coast, we know how to keep your turf looking lush and green we are now offering the same fertilizer we use for growing the turf in our farm direct to you. We recommend you use the fertiliser specifically formulated to work with your turf so to keep your turf looking as great as it was when it arrived to you.

These unique Bioactive Fertilisers, containing bacteria that act as a soil conditioner, will keep your lawn looking lush all year round. Our fertilisers are pet and people friendly. The products are scientifically developed and have a proven track record throughout Australia, especially in the tough extremes of Queensland weather.

Using this Fertiliser will improve results for any crop that has a root, meaning it can be used for the vegie patch, potted plants and trees.

Go Turf is a family run Turf Growing Company, it is Turf Queensland accredited with a wide selection of advanced grass varieties which cater for all your turfing needs.

Order your fertilisers today by filling in the form below. Once we have received your order, we will contact you for payment options.

Liquid Fertiliser


A unique microbial fertiliser that puts the right bacteria back into depleted soils. Establish your turf and roots within weeks.
2L hose on bottle

$29.95 (inc delivery)

Seaweed solution


A fresh seaweed extract combined with other mineral and food sources for improved plant growth, yield and pest tolerance.
2L hose on bottle

$29.95 (inc delivery)



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