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How to look after your lawn this summer

How to look after your lawn this summer

The weather is warming up and that means it’s time for backyard cricket, BBQs with your friends and getting outside and enjoying the outdoors. On the flipside, summer also brings with it extreme heat, humidity, and extra traffic on your grass. This means your lawn is likely to suffer some stress during this season and will need some extra love and attention to keep it looking lush this Summer.

Our warm season, drought-tolerant lawn varieties such as Sir Walter DNA Certified BuffaloTifTuf, and Sir Grange require minimal care, however, they still need some watering and maintenance to stay as healthy as possible. 

Here are our top tips to help you prepare your lawn for the summer heat:

  • Remove thatch – Removing dead material from your lawn will help the living plant to absorb all the available moisture.
  • Aeration – The perforation of the soil lets air, water and nutrients into your lawn and will help improve the moisture in your lawn through the next dry spell.
  • Stay off the lawn – Try to limit the amount of time spent on your lawn, as the more traffic on your lawn, the more damage it will sustain. During dry periods, traffic can cause your lawn to become more compressed and hydrophobic. During wet periods, foot traffic can disturb the sodden soil and roots, damaging the turf, and making the surface bumpy and lumpy.
  • Water effectively – Summer watering is best done in the early morning. A freshly laid lawn needs more watering as the root system still taking hold and building its strength and drought tolerance. An established lawn will require a lot less watering and when you do water, do so for longer, less frequently. 
  • Apply a wetting Agent – Hydrophobic soil is caused by the decomposition of organic matter, which leaves a wax like substance forming on top. A wetting agent will break down this coating and allow water to penetrate deep into your lawn's root system. For newly sodded lawns, our Under Lawn Fertiliser can be applied as a light top-dressing, or, Bi-Agra Water Retaining Agent is the best choice hose-on for all other lawn types.
  • ColourGuard Plus – ColourGuard Plus is a great way to keep your lawn green and healthy during periods of drought. It’s made with natural pigments that provide vibrant colour, as well as an all-natural fertiliser!
  • Mowing – In order to avoid scalping your lawn in summer, make sure you mow during cooler times of day and remove grass clippings regularly. You should also ensure you don’t cut away more than one-third at a time so that the roots don't get stressed.

How much water does my lawn need?

Using a deep watering method is the best way to water your lawn this summer. Water can be used by grass and evaporate from the surface of your lawn very quickly, so you want to ensure you are soaking the lawn so that the water reaches deep into the soil. We recommend doing this 1-2 times a week, early in the morning. You can check how deep the water is getting int your soil by using a shovel to slice out a section of turf.

These are the typical signs that your lawn may need a drink this summer:

  • If it’s wilting or losing colour.
  • If you walk across your lawn and there is a noticeable footprint left behind
  • If it is looking dry and crusty and takes on a light brown colour

When should I irrigate my lawn?

The simple rule to follow when wanting to irrigate your lawn is to do it only when your lawn needs it. It is important that you only irrigate your lawn when there is not enough rainfall to hydrate your lawn. When you do water your lawn, ensure you do so within the rules outlined by local water restrictions.


By following these simple steps, you will be able to enjoy a lush and healthy lawn this summer. If you have any other questions about taking care of your lawn or would like to lay a new lawn, contact the team at GoTurf for expert advice. 

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